Q: What type of care does Randolph Manor Provide?

A: Randolph Manor provides 24 hour supervision and personal care to ambulatory individuals. Randolph Manor is fully licensed by New York State.

Q: How may an individual or couple be admitted?

A: By visiting the Application section of our website or by contacting David or Steve Mauro at (716) 358-4041. They will be able to assist you with the application process.

Q: What activities are made available to a resident?

A: An activities program, under the direction of a well qualitifed director of activities is available to all residents. Arts, crafts, table games, and exercises are just a part of what the residents have to do. We also have sitting rooms with televisions and show movies to our residents. Religious services are also available to those who wish to participate.

Q: Are beautician and barber services available?

A: Yes! Randolph Manor has a beautician who comes in on a weekly basis and tends to those who wish to ahve their hair taken care of.

Q: What are your visiting hours?

A: Randolph Manor has visiting hours from 9am to 8pm.

Q: Can a resident keep medications in his or her room?

A: Yes, however, your physician must indicate that you are capable of self administration of the required medications and you must keep them locked up.

Q: Do you have mail service?

A: Mail service is a routine daily service. All mail is delivered as it is received.

Q: May I see my own doctor or optometrist?

A: Yes! Any resident who wishes to see their own physician may do so.

Q: Can a resident leave the premises?

A: Any resident can leave the premises, however, the staff should be notified of expected time of absence from the home.

Q: Is smoking permitted in your facility?

A: Randolph Manor is a non-smoking facility, however, you may go outside to smoke.

Q: Can I have a phone, TV, or Personal Computer in my own room?

A: Yes. Cablevision and telephone hookup is available in all rooms. These ameneties shall be paid for by the resident.

Q: What clothing and personal items should I bring?

A: Please visit this section of the website for a full list of what you should bring with you.